Your Path To Freedom

Create your dream life so that you love what you do, love what you share, and make a positive impact is possible with dōTERRA. Let me show you how!

Watch these videos to learn more, then contact me for a personal interview. 

Now's Your Chance...

You can work with a top company, combining life changing products with a humanitarian mission to create your ongoing residual income. The Empowered Success program is all about you and your success!

Here's How It Works:

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Even if you've never run a business before, we have a proven training program with simple steps to help you get started. Your effort and desire to help others is what it's all about. 

Step One

Chat with me and we'll figure out together what level of financial support you're looking to create in your business. (Click the button below.)

Step Two

Get your own Wholesale Account set up and start using the oils. Here's where you become a 'Product of the Product', and learn how powerful these oils are.

Step Three

Share your stories and experiences with others, Follow short, simple daily trainings and steps to start achieving your desired income!

It's Time To Thrive!

I love being my own boss, calling the shots, working where and when I want. Maybe this resonates with you? By becoming a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA, you'll be creating a business based on your efforts that grows over time, and offers you the opportunity for personal development and growth. 

By sharing oils with others, you bless them with the gift of plant medicine, help support farmers and their families around the world and create a truly meaningful income. 

Curious if working with dōTERRA is right for you? Let's chat.