Tangerine is a Machine!

Tangerine is a machine! It's a powerhouse fruit and essential oil, and who doesn't love the scent and taste of fresh tangerines? 

Did you know that Tangerine EO (Citrus Reticulata) is a powerful immune system booster and antioxidant? It also helps to dissolve cholesterol gallstones, and supports and reverses damage in your liver and pancreas. At a cellular level it helps protect cells from oxidative damage, helps your body generate new cells, and it can boost your energy so you can get through your busy day.

According to an article by Dr Mercola, it also helps to detox your blood from things like uric acid (think gout and kidney stones), excessive salt and other toxins. It also supports your digestive system for better metabolism, and has been linked to weight loss. And when applied topically with a carrier oil, it can help reduce cellulite and pockets of fat!

It also has antispasmodic properties which relieves muscles and nervous system. It has a calming effect for those with anxious, nervous or depressed feelings, especially when inhaled or diffused.

Emotionally it inspires spontaneity, creativity and fun, helping those who feel burdened by excessive responsibilities, work or duty.

I've been using Tangerine EO in capsules, along with Celery Seed EO, for my husband who is working to dissolve a large uric acid kidney stone, and it seems to be working well, as we see the evidence of sand and small stones in the toilet. (Sorry, but that's how it works.) He has also been drinking alkaline water and we recently added hydrogen water, and the combo is working well. I add a couple of drops to filtered hydrogen water throughout the day, and I take a couple of drops under my tongue for an added boost. And I love it in my diffuser while I'm working. 

Here's the LINK to get your own Tangerine EO.

Check out this LINK for more info on hydrogen water and how you can make it at home.

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