Need a little love?

Need a little love? Seriously, who doesn't these days? Feeling loved and valued gives true meaning to life, making us all feel safe, secure and connected. Showing love to yourself and others creates a sense of contentment, fulfillment and purpose, and love is the glue that bonds everyone and everything together.

Roses symbolize love and affection, and have been cultivated for thousands of years due to their heavenly scent and beauty. Rose (Rosa Damascena) essential oil has one of the highest energetic frequencies (vibrations) on Earth, and provides powerful emotional and physical support.

When using it for emotional issues, simply inhaling the aroma brings a sense of calm, healing, acceptance, and a connection to divine love. It can help heal a broken heart, and connects individuals to the divine healing that comes through prayer and meditation.

Physical properties of this super powerful oil show that it helps with bacterial infections, scars, wrinkles, facial redness and wounds, brain and nervous system issues, hormone balance in men and women, recovery from childbirth, and assists with grief, depression and 'baby blues'. It can be used as a sedative and an aphrodisiac, and is an intoxicating, sensual perfume on its own, or when combined with Jasmine or Neroli.

doTERRA's Rose oil can be inhaled from the bottle or diffused, applied topically where needed, and especially over the heart, on the wrists, behind ears and on temples undiluted. One drop or two is all it takes to experience the power of pure essential oils... a drop is a dose is what we say.

Did you know that true Bulgarian Rose essential oil is quite expensive, as it takes approximately 12,000 rose blossoms to distill just one 5mL bottle of essential oil? It's true! Quality and purity is everything with doTERRA, and you can trust them to be the best, 'most tested, most trusted' essential oils on the planet.

I love to use my Rose roller bottle, which is diluted with FCO, on my wrists and forearms, and of course over my heart, especially when I'm feeling a little sad, lonely or overwhelmed. It helps me let go of these lower vibration emotions so I can feel like myself again, and get back in the game.

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