Feeling Overwhelmed? - 7 things to do right now

Feeling overwhelmed? You're definitely not alone my friend.
Overwhelm can be defined as being 'buried or drowning beneath a huge mass' of circumstances, obligations, or feelings beyond your control. It's not just one thing, it's everything: Your family, finances, friends, work, chores, the news, and everyone is feeling the pressure. Nothing is normal anymore. 

You may feel that so much is weighing you down, or crashing down on you, that you can't get away. You can't breathe, or take a break. And the stress can feel unbearable. 

I've been there, and feeling anxious is no joke. I've discovered a few things that help me work through feeling overwhelmed, and to get to back to feeling less stress and more like myself. 

Feelings are not facts

Feelings are not facts, but they are clues to what's going on inside your body. Emotions, aka feelings, are actually chemical responses happening at a cellular level, and they can be influenced or changed by other chemicals, and these can be natural or synthetic. Think medications (synthetic) vs food (natural). 

If you find yourself feeling something you don't like, maybe sad, angry, scared, nervous, anxious or overwhelmed, there are actions you can take to quickly affect or change your 'state' as Tony Robbins calls it. This means you have the power to change how you're feeling, and you don't have to suffer through it, or just deal with it. 

Get outside, get grounded & get moving

Getting outside in the sun helps your body create Vitamin D. It is recommended that you expose your skin to midday sunlight for 10-30 minutes per day, without sunscreen. Check this article from Healthline. 

Getting grounded literally means electrically connecting to the dirt, grass or sand with your bare feet. Walk around or lie down where it's safe, and connect with the earth. Walk along a beach, river or lake, get your feet wet, maybe even muddy. 

It feels amazing and based on several studies, the benefits can include: 

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Relief for chronic fatigue
  • Relief for anxiety and depression
  • Helps with restful sleep
  • Supports your cardiovascular and nervous system
If you live in an area where it's too cold to get grounded outside, or it's not practical, here is a link to grounding devices that you can wear or use indoors. 

Next, get moving! Walk, run, stretch, dance, play with your kids... just get your body moving. I love walking outside with my dog, and doing body weight exercises. Intentional, intuitive movement based on what you can do is a huge way to raise the feel good endorphins, and get relief from fear, worry, anxious and nervous feelings. 

If you're not feeling great, and not sure what to do, I suggest that you just get outside and move.

Get your gut healthy!

Your gut is your second brain, and did you know, it's where a huge portion of your neurotransmitters are made? It's true! I'm not going to discuss the whole diet thing, just focus on eating clean, whole, real food, and mostly plants. 

And since it's hard to get all of the daily nutrition you need from your food, it's important to supplement intelligently, with whole food sourced, bioavailable supplements, and include digestive enzymes and probiotics. That's why I take LLV (Lifelong Vitality) every day, along with other strategic essential oils and supplements to support my daily gut and overall mental health. 

My favorite recommendation is the Vibrant Body & Mind Kit. LLV - Lifelong Vitality - is included in this kit, where you get all of your daily nutritional support and more. Check it out and do your research. It's seriously the best vitamins, minerals, etc., that I've ever taken. You can literally feel the difference.  

Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night

Getting a good night's sleep is so important to your overall physical, mental and emotional health. 

Here's the link to my BLOG article where I share several tips on how to get a good night's sleep naturally. 

Essential Oils & Adaptiv

I'm now going to share my daily essential oil routine to keep myself sane and calm. 

Here you go:

  • ClaryCalm 2x per day on my lower abdomen
  • Frankincense 2 drops under my tongue every morning
  • Balance Grounding blend on the bottoms of my feet
  • Adaptiv Calming blend on my solar plexus 1-2x per day or as needed
  • Adaptiv supplement 2x per day, morning & night
  • LLV, Copaiba softgel 1 per day, TerraZyme enzymes 4-6 per day, PB Assist capsule 1-2x day
And when I'm feeling super anxious and nervous, I use 1-2 drops of Melissa (my liquid Xan@x) internally and behind my ears; 2-3 drops of Basil & Rosemary over my adrenals and inhale from my hands. Supporting your adrenals and lowering Cortisol is huge for feeling calm and kicking the overwhelm and anxious feelings. I used the Basil & Rosemary protocol for 2-3 months to help with repairing and restoring adrenals. And with this protocol, I have been managing my mental wellness without medication for several years. 

Please keep in mind that it may take a few days or weeks to feel better, especially if you've been dealing with adrenal or other chronic issues for a long time. However, you can most likely will feel relief in just a matter of minutes by using the oils aromatically (aromatherapy), and topically... put the oils where you need relief. If you're not sure where, the bottoms of your feet are a great place, and/or along your spine. Your body is super intelligent, and will get the oils where you need the support. 

Again, I recommend starting with the Vibrant Body & Mind Kit, and adding any additional oils as needed. You can also request Samples here..

Remove toxic stressors

Take some time to consider what may be causing your feelings of overwhelm: a job you hate, toxic friends, toxic family members, poor health, financial issues, your living situation, watching the news, toxins in your home, or whatever. Is there something you can change that will make an immediate improvement in your stress level? If so, are you willing to make the change so that you can feel better? 

Yes, you may need to make a drastic change, and chances are your friends and family may not be happy about your decisions, but we're talking about your life here. Prolonged chronic stress can be deadly, and you need to love yourself enough to change the things that are making you sick. Boom.

Lastly, don't forget to breathe

When you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it's easy to forget the most basic thing that can totally help you calm down: Breathing.

I like to inhale to a count of 4, hold it for 4, then exhale for 4, and I repeat this several times until I feel calmer. I sometimes use Breathe Respiratory blend oil over my chest and inhale straight from the bottle or from a couple of drops in my hands. Diffusers work great with this too. 

Hopefully this information is helpful to you. It has helped me feel sane and calm, and I know you can beat feelings of overwhelm, and you can take steps to start feeling better fast. You just need to decide. Ready?


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